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About The Center

About The Center

Kartzinel Wellness Center

We practice what has been termed as Translational Medicine, which defined, is the ability to translate diverse scientific findings into therapeutic protocols for our patients today.
This type of medical practice, then, requires careful attention to detail. Detail that comes from a thorough patient history, careful physical exam, and targeted laboratory investigations. This information then can be assimilated in the light of the most current discoveries derived from scientific conferences and medical journals. Now, enhanced treatments for our patients can be truly recognized, in real time. Most importantly, restoration of health and function is our goal on each and every patient. From your very first contact with us, you will notice a truly caring and compassionate approach. We have a remarkably caring staff, many of whom have walked in your footsteps, and thus will be amazingly supportive and understanding.
Education is another cornerstone of understanding the medical healing process. Thus, the practice of Translation Medicine thoroughly equips the patient and family with a level of understanding of the abnormally functioning systems just not found in our current medical system. In other words, we take the time, to explain the problems discovered as well as the treatment options available

We Specialize In NEEDS AUTISM

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